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Bowen Sound

Tim and Herman ventured the flats of Bowen Sound today and Tim came back all smiles. He said the fishing was awesome with lots of schools and the fish were eating. The largest was about 5 pounds.

Yesterday I went to Somerset for a couple hours at low tide with the intention of wading way out in search of some of those monster bonefish. Well guess what I found one. When I first spotted it from a distance I thought it was a cuda. It was in hole that was about 3 feet deep with the surrounding water about a foot deep. As I got closer I could easily see the forked tail and knew then it was a bonefish. In this situation there was no hurry as the fish was basically laid up. I mentally prepared myself and told myself “now don’t screw this up”. The distance was about 40 feet and I made the cast. The fly hit about 5 feet to his side and he instantly turned on it. I stripped and he kept coming, long slow strip and he kept coming, short strip and he kept coming, stopped stripping and he stopped but did not put his head down and eat it. Stripped again and he kept coming with his nose just inches from the fly. This went on til I was out of line to strip and he just slowly turned off and swam away. Like Gogie always tells me “you should dip your fly in crab juice” . If I find this big guy again that’s exactly what I’am going to do.


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