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Bout Time

The weather and the fishing for the past week or so has been not so good — in other words we should have been golfing or bird watching or diving!!!! I went diving on my own today with my new snorkel, mask, fins and such and I almost drown. I found out later that a full mustache as I have is not condusive to a tight seal on your mask. I found this out as I was snortin in salt water most of the time. Then I took in a big gulp through the snorkel and near panic set in. This was all taking place out at Goat Cay where there was no other person or boat close which for my pride was a good thing. Best thing about it is there is a nice little beach in this cove and as the Brits would say is a good place to go full monty and I did. There was lots of sun and little wind so I decided to go up the creek after all this excitement and wade in 8 or 10 inches of water which I can handle and look for a couple bones. I had not caught a bonefish for some time and almost forgot what they look like. This all changed on a couple flats up the creek. I got into two schools and thought I was in the Joulters as I hooked three out of them and they just kept millimg around me which is unusual for the creek. Next flat I went to I was poling just to find fish and spotted another big school. Quietly put the pole down, step off the boat with rod in hand and commence to put the sneak on them. About that time look back and realized the boat is floating out to sea. Let out some choice words, run to grab the boat and let out the anchor. By this time I thought all was lost but there about 50 feet from me was this big school of bones. Two false casts, drop the fly, two stlrips and another hookup. Some times it all comes together and is almost too easy. Today they loved a #4 pink gotcha.


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