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Bones, Snappers & Conch

Gogey and I went out on the ocean side this morning as it was fairly calm. We checked out a couple big flats and found nothing. As I was walking a couple of these flats Gogey was poling around in a little deeper water looking for some conch. He brought along all the ingredients for conch salad, now all we needed was some conch. When I got back to the boat there were about twenty of them in the bow. After feasting on these I suggested we go up one of the inlets where I had seen some big bones yesterday. When we got there I jumped out of the boat near shore and Gogey went out in the channel to fish for Mutton Snapper. I started seeing bonefish right off the gitgo and after screwing up on the first two I made a mental note to settle down get the cast in there just right. The bones in this area are really spooky. In just a short time I saw three big ones, actually I heard them first splashing right next to shore. It was perfect timing as the tide was near full and I had to remind myself again this is an ideal situation and don’t screw it up. Wind, visibility, everything was just right. I made the cast and as luck would have it this time the biggest of the three charged out and took it. Some times the fish gods smile upon you. After all this I was just kinda standing there on this small flat and patting myself on the back when I heard Gogey whooping it up out in the channel and saw him haul in one of the biggest mutton snappers I have ever seen.

You might say the day was quite successful as there was fresh conch salad for lunch, landing a couple big bonefish and having mutton snapper fillets for dinner. I’m sure glad I don’t have a steady job.


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