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Bonefish Fest 2017: Day 6

It has been non-stop fishing here on Andros.  Al took Lia and I out and showed us a few more of his secret spots and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a fish.  The wind has been blowing most of the time we have been here, but I’ll take the wind over the bugs every day of the week.  The first clients showed up yesterday and are out fishing right now with some of the best guides on the island.  Brian Wheeler, one of our guides at Great Divide, showed up 3 days ago and we have been hitting it hard.  Finding our way around the fats has been challenging but we have had success at each of the places we have fished.  Yesterday while Brian was reeling in his first bone fish we got to watch a massive barracuda try to ambush the fish, which luckily got away.  I thought it would be wise to put on a larger fly and a steel leader on my fly rod in case we had another shot.  While farting around with my line another school of bones swam past us at about 20 feet and I didn’t have a fly ready.  After snapping on a bright green clouser minnow I could not see that damn barracuda, but I did see a single bone fish working his way down the bank.  So with a wire leader and the wrong fly I took a shot at the fish.  To both of our surprise it turned, followed and grabbed on.  I am learning that this game has a lot to do with luck and being in the right place at the right time.  This morning we went back to Summerset beach and Al and I were determined to get Lia a bone fish, and because I am a novice at this game, Lia went with the boss, Al.  Not 10 minutes into the fishing Lia was hooked up and hollering.

This afternoon we are going to go down to visit one of the long time residents of the island on her boat across from Hanks Place.  She is 86 and still free dives for lobster and spear fishes grouper and her name is Audrey.  Another little known fact is that she likes to drink the wine right out of the bottle and plays poker and drinks whiskey all night!  Our kind of lady.  Hope you all can get out of your snowdrifts in Montana.

PS.  Nobody likes the patriots, F the patriots….



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