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Big Hole 313 cfs Beaverhead 809 cfs

The following is a report I just received and have been waiting for:

Trip report from Brian Honey. BIG BONES and lots of them!!! I had no idea I would see so many fish! I need to work on my casting a bit, if I could have reached out past 40 feet in the wind I could have had a chance at more fish over 10 lbs most were 4 lbs from what I understand that’s big for bones. I had 4 guided days and lost count of how many fish I landed. By myself I was lucky to get 1-2. I just could not see them when wading unless they were tailing, the big fish were in deeper flats due to the heat so tailing was only in the morning and evenings. We did find many flats that had 100 plus fish in the school which made fishing very easy, almost too easy. I prefer hunting the singles. Herman is outstanding and very patient. It was great to meet such nice people. “Sprey” did a great job of taking care of us and showing off the island. My favorite part of the island was the Joulters, tons of fish great flats-too many sharks although, they were waiting for every bone we released. I must say they talk very kindly of you Al, Sprey says he considers you Bahamian. I can’t thank you enough for setting this up, everything was perfect.


What a great report. Originally Brian was going to go to Christmas Island for his first bonefishing venture. I talked him into Andros Island and by the sounds of it he is now totally addicted like the rest of us. Sprey is the manager at Hank’s Place where Brian stayed. Hank was here at my house during that time so Sprey was the man in charge. If you need anything on the Island, he’s the man to talk to. Besides working for Hank he has 2 other jobs and has a small fleet of rental cars.

As for the Big Hole the afternoon’s are hot and lousy fishing. However the morning’s are getting even better now with the spruce moths starting to appear and the fish are eating them. Need I say more?


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