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Boat Wrecks

Big Hole River 1950 cfs

I just heard about another raft that T-boned that big boulder in a side channel between Melrose and Browns. That’s two in about a  week. This big rock has been at the end of that channel since Adam and Eve floated it. Sounds like both cases were rookies on the oars. That rock is easy to row away from if you know what you are doing.

Another incident yesterday at the dam across from the shop. These guys decided to portage their drift boat (big mistake). My guys at the shop were watching the whole  thing go  down. This big guy was hanging on the rope as they pushed the boat out. As soon as that boat hit

that white water over the rocks  it jerked him right  off the portage path and down through the rocks he went. He hung on to the boat as it flipped sideways and they said the had to be beaten up going through that fast water over the rocks. The hard truth is that portage path is a joke and do not try to use it unless the river is down to 500 cfs and then you don’t have to. If your not sure you can shoot the  boat channel, stay out of that section until the river drops below 1000.

Top  water action yesterday was good  and slow today. Temp. got down to 38 this morning and there were no bugs.


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