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Big Permit?????

Yesterday I really got into the bonefish up the creek and unlike the day before they were not spooky and would readily eat the fly. I stopped by ambush point and found a big school and pretty much had my way with them. After 5 or 6 I left them alone in search of bigger fish. It was another almost perfect day as you can see by a couple shots I took. One is ambush point and those familiar with the creek will know exactly where that is. Another I took of a school of fish but you really can’t see them. If you use your imagination enough you will see them.

Tommy got back from his trip to the west side and you can see by his photo how big the permit were over there. I believe him as I have talked to several people that have seen 60+ pound permit there. Getting them to eat is another thing. His client is beginner flyfisherman and he had several shots at permit and tarpon. No hookups there but got some nice bones.

Remember the photos will be under comments of this entry posted by Patricia. They said the weather help up fine for them except Tommy said he thought he was in the first stage of hypothermia one night. He had only a light blanket along and got up about 2am and tried to light the whole west side on fire so he could warm up.


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