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Big fish on bologna?

Big Hole 470cfs Temp. 52

I got the fly shop open today and there wasn’t much happening so instead of tying some fly’s and getting the place cleaned up and stocked, I spent most of the day looking at pictures of Andros Island and thinking of some of the events that took place there. Basically being lazy.

Every time I think of this one particular event, I bust out laughing. The day after Art arrived and my last day there the clouds moved in and sight fishing for bones and cudas was pretty much a waste of time. I had a little bit of squid for bait in the boat cooler that was about three days old and pretty ripe but we thought we would try it anyway. We anchored the boat in a channel and threw out our bait and waited for quite awhile with no results. As we were sitting there eating our lunch, I said to Art, “I wonder if they would hit this bologna”? Some of that Bahamian bologna has a rind on it thicker than bacon. So we threaded some of our lunch on a hook and threw it out. It drifted in the tide for no more than five seconds when the rod bent and the reel screamed. We had no idea what we had, but it was big. It just kept going and going. After what seemed an eternity, probably fifteen minutes and handing the rod back and forth fighting this thing, we got it close to the boat. It was a huge horse-eyed jack. If you ever hook into one of these freight trains you won’t believe how strong they are. I reached into the water with my trusty leatherman and popped the hook out of him and said thank you. The entire time we were laughing hysterically. Who needs shrimp, squid, or chad for bait. Just go to the local store and buy a package of Bahamian bologna, if you don’t mind sharing your lunch with the fish.


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