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Big Cuda

The bonefish are still being elusive as hell but we started to see more today. The wind has been blowing out of the east at about twenty but started to lay down this afternoon. With luck and light winds we are planning on going to Young Sound tomorrow. This will be the first time we will be able to go out toward the reef.

Hooked two Horse-Eyed jacks yesterday evening, actually there were three but the first one took every thing including leader, butt section and all. Jim tied into a huge cuda today that instantly went air borne and then the spool some how popped off the reel. It was a circus for a while with that big fish taking line off the spool that was flopping in the breeze. Needless to say we eventually lost the fish.

Jim and Sandy are out with Gogie this evening on the boat bottom fishing for mutton and grey snapper. With luck they will come back with a few big ones which they usually do when going out with Gogie.


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