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Best Day Yet

Wind out of the east at about 5 mph, bright sun all add up to a perfect day for bonefishing and it turned out to be just that. Jim, who has been coming here for three years had his best day ever. A few days ago he was starting to wonder about his bonefishing capabilities saying he just couldn’t make those long casts especially into the wind. Today he didn’t need long casts as we caught the fish coming out of the mangroves as the tide was dropping and most casts were no more than thirty feet. This was all taking place in Young Sound on the ocean side. When the tide started to get real low I decided to try a different way out. That was a mistake as soon we were dragging the boat, but all turned out well. There were depressions along the way and they were full of conch, so my screw up will make every one happy with fresh conch salad. Late afternoon we decided to head up one of the inlets to try our luck while we still had good visibility. The fish gods were smiling on us today as we ran into two huge schools of bonefish that just kept cruising around the same area. When the clouds came over and we couldn’t see them we would just blind cast in their general direction and had more hookups. Some days it is very frustrating as all you see are bones at about 100 feet going away from you at mach 2 and then there are days like today when you could say, “so what’s so tough about this bonefishing”.

Tomorrow the troops are going with Hank offshore to do some bottom fishing in water depth of 100 to 200 feet. I’m not going as I have hauled his anchor up from those depths before and once was enough for me. They are looking forward to the trip and I didn’t warn them about the anchor deal as Hank just kind of smiled and winked at me.


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