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Beef Key

The day started out pretty lousy with clouds and strong wind. By late morning the clouds blew out but the wind stayed pretty strong all day. I thought I would try my luck around Beef Key as there is a white sand flat just north of it and with the heavy chop I figured I would have better visibility there. The tide was falling so I hung around the flat close to the channel waiting for the bones to come out of the bay from the east. I never wandered more then 100 yards north of the key and the fish kept coming out of the bay as I hoped. After a couple hours of slowly wading back and forth I had hooked six bone fish. The wind was really ripping out of the east and I don’t think even Glister could have punched the fly into that. I could see them coming for a ways and instead of trying to cast directly into the wind I would wait until I could cast across wind. What really surprised me was that I had only one refusal. I was using a blind gotcha as most of the time the fish on this flat are very spooky but today with the heavy chop if I got the fly close they ate it. I saw one monster bone coming right toward me at about fifty feet. As soon as I raised the rod to cast he blew out of the country like he was shot out of a cannon. That thing had to be at least three feet long. All the bones I caught today were good sized with two going over 25 inches.

Here I’am complaining about the weather here this morning at 78 degrees with wind and clouds and then I saw the weather channel and the mess they have in Denver. I hope Dan and Deb aren’t buried too bad.


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