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Beautiful Day

It was a perfect day with lots of sun and very light wind. There was only one problem, the fish would not eat. Some say it’s because of the full moon and some say it’s because their spawning but we tried several patterns and they would look at it and turn away. We were at Young Sound most of the day and that area is normally very productive. There was one other guide boat in the sound and after we got back to the dock there was Bonefish Bradley with his client and all he wanted to know is if we got into the fish. He was in what we call the hole and had I known it was Bradley we would have gone over and visited. He thought we were into the fish and bogarding the spot and we thought he was into them and doing the same in the hole. Now Bradley swears that he could not find the fish in the hole but when I asked him why he was camped there for over two hours he just smiled and said he was waiting for us to leave the flat we were on. We did have several schools come out of the mangroves as the tide was dropping but they were not interested in what we had to offer.

Yesterday we had great hookups on Labowski flat, Rock Point flat, and Mudd flat which is just east of the last big blue hole.

I had loaned my Scott sts 9wt to a friend who was going to the Joulters last week as he had a limp ( no brand name mentioned) rod that was just a noodle and useless in the wind. What he failed to tell me was that he put on a piece of 8 pound tippet as he thought mine was too stout. Yesterday I broke off three big fish before I figured it out or was just too lazy to change it and will not admit to either. I use nothing less than 13 pound tippet, when they’re eating you could use 30 pound and get away with it.

Going to the buoy tomorrow if weather permits as rumor has it that schools of dorado are there now.


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