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Beautiful Day

When you get days like today this time of year you take advantage of them and that’s what we did. Hank and I went offshore looking for the elusive wahoo. Conditions were great with just a gentle swell out beyond the reef. Only problem was we could not find any wahoo and we covered a lot of water. Hank blames it on the full moon and why not. I had his back instantly and said with two great fisherman like us there had to be a logical explanation and that was it. Had we thought of that earlier we would not have gone out at all. I mean everybody knows you can’t catch wahoo on a full moon. Actually it was just fun being out there on those gentle seas.

Last couple days have been spent with Gogie bottom fishing for snapper and such. He wanted to get as many as he could to take to Nassau to his relatives there for Christmas. We pretty much got the job done as in two days we caught over thirty. That will bring lots of smiles to his relatives as they love those snapper. Their ideal Christmas dinner consists of these fish rather than turkey. Glad I could help.

Waiting for a weather window of three to four days of good conditions to head to Williams Island. Today would have been fantastic there.


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