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Back To The Big Hole

Reliable Johnny the taxi driver is picking me up at 0600 tomorrow morning for my flight out of here. It’s always a bit depressing the evening before I leave as every one knows who has been here goes through the same thing. You find yourself planning the next trip even before you leave. Hank and Art offered to take me to the airport but it’s kinda of tradition with me to have Reliable Johnny pick me up (even though he forgot me a few years ago) as he needs all the fares he can get to support his 11 kids. We will still be getting reports from here as Tone the Bone arrives in a few days and he along with son Sean , Art and Herman will be tearing up the flats. Hank sends his regards to all. Now that I’am leaving he has to get back to work in the mornings to gas up the boats and get them ready. If you happen to be in Montana in early July stop at my place and say hello to Hank as he swears that he will be there—-I think this time he means it and I’m going to make a wager with him this evening that if he is a no show I will have free lodging, food and boat for the next 3 years here. There is no fishing report for today as it rained most of the day and the boat never left the dock. I still have the key but will have to give it up soon.


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