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Andros Island Hurricane Report

I just got off the phone with Eva who is Hank’s wife. She and most of the people on the navy base were evacuated a couple days ago to West Palm. She said Hank, who decided to stay on Andros and ride it out, had just called her and said there was some damage to Hank’s Place but nothing that could not be repaired. That is terrific news as the eye of this storm passed very close to the east coast of Andros.

He said the storm surge was no big thing. There was water in his yard but none in their house or the lodge.

I was very concerned about that surge as it was predicted to be 10 to 15 feet. That would have flooded  most of the island.

So those who have signed up to go to Andros with  our Andros  Connection can be reassured that Hank’s Place is still there. There are still a few openings for the week of Feb. 12th to 19th.


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