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Andros Island

Hooked Up

I arrived on Andros late yesterday afternoon in the middle of a heavy rain storm and when it rains here it really puts it down.

Early this afternoon I got the boat in the water and just had to do a quick run up the creek. I went to  one of my favorite flats and anchored the boat. I had only waded about `100 feet and there were about 10 bonefish right  in front  of me. It was almost too easy. They were coming straight at  me and with a cast of no more than 30 feet and 2 strips I was hooked up. I smiled and thought to myself, now this is what it’s all about. I used a new fly from Solitude called a  P Ditty size 2 and it did the job. It wasn’t a real big fish but I  didn’t care, the fish gods were smiling on me. I few minutes later I spotted a really big one but he had nothing to do with me. This flat  is rarely fished probably because the bottom is dark and the fish can be hard to see but they are usually there. I then went to a spot with a light bottom but that also gets hammered a lot and the fish are very well educated. The strangest thing happened. I was wading along when all of a sudden these two really big bones were swimming right at my feet. I presented the fly but they wouldn’t look at but also did not spook at  all. A few steps later there they were again,  almost at my feet and circling me. These were 7 to 8 pound fish. This happened about four times. It was almost as if they were waiting for me to feed them something. When i got back I told Hank and expecting him not to believe me. However he told me a lady was in the same spot about a week ago  and the same thing happened  to her several times over a few days.. I have never had this experience with bonefish. I got a couple photos and having trouble posting them.  To the experienced eye you can  pick  them  out right away and no more than ten feet away. I will get them on somehow.

Anyway for the first time out it was great fun.

Hank, Eva, Arlene, Kim and Sprey are all doing fine here at Hanks and all send their regards.


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