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Happy New Year to all the Bigholetrout fishing folks coming from The Andros Conservancy and Trust (Ancat), located in Fresh Creek, Andros. Gabrielle here, reporting on some of our recent achievements and just enjoying another balmy blue Bahama day.

2011 has already brought some new beginnings to The Andros Conservancy and Trust, with the employment of our very first Education Officer, Ms Shanta Brown. Shanta will be employed with Ancat through until April 2011 and her job will be to take the Ancat message into the Primary Schools in Fresh Creek and Bowen Sound. Shanta and her students will be adopting a section of mangrove where they will be able to take note of the marine and bird life and learn about the importance of this ecosystem to our way of life and our fabulous fisheries.

We had some great feedback from our returning friend Al, regarding the difference the removal of the bottles is making to the fishing experience in Fresh Creek, we still have a ways to go, however we are proud of the work we have done, it is estimated that 16,500 glass bottles have been removed from this beautiful waterway.

In other good news; Ancat has been working restoring three blue holes in Central Andros; Captain Bill’s in Love Hill which is situated in the Blue Hole National Park and has been a popular swimming hole for generations, here volunteer divers removed tons of waste, then in Bowen Sound: the Gubler Hole, a fault line hole with a magical atmosphere has been opened up and finally a trail has been cut and packed by Ancat workers leading to the Cargill Creek Blue Hole.

Ancat is a NGO and our survival depends on gifts and grants, if you would like to see our work continue please consider making a donation to help us. We want to thank all our friends at the Bigholetrout for your support and encouragement over 2010, we love to hear your fish stories and know that a cleaner environment will keep you returning to our mystical isle. Check out our website at for updates and more information or contact us here in Andros via email at:


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