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After The Cold Front

Some of you are wondering what the hell is going on with no reports for awhile. Fact is that huge cold front that hit Florida made it’s way down here and for the past 4 days we didn’t even go out.

Hank told me this morning that fishing now should be good as after a big cold front the fish are hungry. Well it pays to heed the words of someone who was born and raised on the Island and has fished it all his life. I took his advice and went to a flat up Fresh Creek. I couldn’t believe all the fish that were on that flat. It was dead low tide and normally they are not on that flat during that time. It wasn’t just bonefish but several big mutton snapper. They were in water so shallow their dorsel fins were sticking out of the water. I tried my best to hook one. They are even more spooky than bonefish. I had several shots at them but no luck. The bonefish were plentiful and the catching almost too easy. I basically stood in one spot and they kept coming. No big ones but lots in the 2 and 3 pound range. I finally broke off on a fairly big one and that’s when I realized I had forgot my fly bag. There I was with bonefish all around me and no flies. I thought I would just take pics of all the fish but I had forgot the camera also. I just got that digital camera and not used to packing it along—that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Morten and Anne from Denmark were on shark flat and said they also saw lots of fish there.


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