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About The Fishing

I got some emails asking about the fishing around Williams Island in more detail. The bonefish were a no brainer, got several shots at Tarpon but no hookups and didn’t find any permit. Small gray snapper up the creeks were all over the fly and their great eating. Didn’t keep any as we had packed lots of food, but it’s good to know for the next trip that we can always catch a mess of them for our supper. We actually did a lot more exploring than fishing and most of the fishing was wading right in front of our camp. The tarpon were also within 300 feet of the camp at the mouth of a creek. More fish were found along the mainland shore than around the island.

Bahamain guide Tommy Key threatened me with a machete when at first I wouldn’t tell him exactly where we found the tarpon. I told him it was at the mouth of that creek where the pelican was swimming about. I finally gave in and showed him exactly where on a satellite map.

We’re already planning our next trip over there and will avoid certain places and explore new ones.


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