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A Little Rain

When if rains here on the island it really gets after the program and is doing so now. There be no fishing today mon unless your a crazy person as the natives would say. They firmly believe that if you get your head soaked from the rain you will get deathly sick. A little rain now is ok as the last 4 days have been great. Conditions could not have been better for bonefishing especially for this time of year. The outside ocean flats have been excellent and have produced some big fish. I saw a Bahamain lady walking the flat pulling her cooler behind her that held a bonefish that had to be at least 12 pounds. What they do is walk some flats they can access easy looking for conch and bonefish. They use a hand line and a small piece of conch for bait and it works well. She had two big bones in her cooler along with numerous conch of all sizes. I told her she had her limit as they are allowed to catch and keep two per day. She looked at me like I had two heads and made it very clear she would keep as many as she pleased. They boil them and from what I hear they are quite tasty. While I was talking with this quite large lady she wolfed down three conch. Now I love raw conch in conch salad with the lime juice, pepper and all but it didn’t look that tasty the way she was eaten em. She was slicing hunks off like one would when eating an apple by cutting slices off it. By all the conch snot (as it’s referred to) on the front of her shirt it looked like she had consumed quite a few more. Many of the conch she was taking were too small and illegal so I guess it was her way of hiding the evidence.

More rain forecast for tomorrow and then nice again with light winds.


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