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Yesterday was a bright sunny day with warmer temps but the east wind was a bit brisk to say the least. Through all the years of rowing and casting I do believe my right shoulder is just about shot and yesterday I just about put an end to it. With the full moon the high tide is very high and low tide is super low. With this in mind and low tide in early afternoon I thought this would be a great time to go to Somerset and wade a long ways out toward Young Sound. I did this and found lots of fish out in that country. The wind was directly out of the east and I would work my way out and then turn back with the wind at my back. This worked great until I turned around and spotted a couple monster bones about fifty feet to the east. I tried to work my way to the side of them but they just kept moving out a little. Now there are some that say casting fifty feet into the wind is no problem. I wish they were there to show me cuz this wind was whippin. I made several attempts and each landed just a bit short. I started to get just a bit ticked off at the wind and hauled and punched as hard as I could. It seemed that every attempt I made the wind was getting ticked off at me and blowing just a bit harder. It finally kicked my butt and the fish moved off. The fish gods must have felt sorry for me as I was heading back with shoulder drooping and aching there were suddenly four big fish in front and down wind. I basically did a roll cast and let the wind take the fly. It dropped perfectly and the biggest fish shot out and ate it.

Weather conditions are improving greatly with temps for the next five days or so to be in low 80’s.


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