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I was going to take the boat out in the back country this morning but after noticing a few ominous dark clouds to the west I decided to wait for awhile and am I glad I did. At the moment it is lightning all around and pouring rain with strong wind gusts. It would not be very pretty being caught out in this. Hopefully later in the day it will ease up so we can go out for awhile. According to the natives the mutton snapper go on a feeding frenzy after a heavy rain like this.

The forecast for the remaining five days which I will be here doesn’t look very good. Even if I didn’t catch one more fish I couldn’t complain. We had some tremendous days when the weather and the fishing was excellent.

I don’t hear the rain pounding on the roof any more so maybe it’s time to go. The weather here is kind of like in Montana, if it’s nasty just wait around for a little while and it will change.


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