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Saturday night it rained for about four hours and about as hard a rain as I have ever seen. It put a big damper on Hank’s Saturday night party. The Bahamians have a strong belief that if you get wet from the rain and then get a slight draft you will get deathly sick. I was debating this point with Gogie and Anishka stating that Clay and I got totally soaked the other day and we didn’t get sick at all. They both gave me the look like we were just too stupid to come out of the rain. The weather yesterday was lousy with cloud cover and wind all day. Clay and Jane went with Hank off shore and had a pretty wild ride. They stuck it out until Jane started to get a little sick. They hooked into one fish that Hank believes was a large wahoo that never stopped running until he finally broke the leader. When it breaks Hanks leader you know it’s a big fish as he doesn’t mess around with light stuff.

Got more sun today and we’re going to focus on getting Clay hooked up with a bone fish. He has had many shots with some as close as 15 feet. One time he didn’t see the fish chasing the fly as he was picking his rod up to do another cast as it almost jumped out of the water trying to get the fly. The first one is always the toughest especially for a novice fly caster. It’s their last day today so we’re going to be covering a lot of water in search of the ghosts of the flats.

I changed my flight schedule for departure and it looks like I will be staying here for awhile longer like about three more weeks. It was a tough decision that took at least ten seconds. My sister, Bonnie kind of put the idea in my head by saying, “why not stay”. So I will he here until January 8th if any one is interested in joining me for a little fishing. How about it Keefer? Art is going to be sending me another shipment of fly’s as I’m running pretty low on some patterns especially cuda fly’s.


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