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Rain and cool temps. put a hitch on our plans of going north today. Tommy and I were planning on going to the very north end of the Joulters in search of big permit there.

Yesterday I fished close flats which I have ignored for the most part because of the fishing pressure they some times get. However very few people have been fishinng there and I thought I would try it. I found lots of fish on almost every flat. Some were pretty spooky especially one large school. After watching them for a bit I saw why they were nervous as two lemon sharks kept circling the school.

I had the most fun catching a 40 inch cuda with my 8 wt. on a #6 bonefish fly. I know many will call bullshit on this but I’ll tell ya how it was done. I saw this guy laid up in very shallow water on this flat just waiting for me to catch a bonefish so he could eat it. He looked a lot like the guy who got a couple of my bonefish on this flat before. The last one I didn’t have on more than 3 seconds and he got it before I could break it off. I threw the fly just in front and beyond him. He started to slowly swim away and when I figured he was just over the leader, I stripped hard and snagged him in the back of the head. He took off to the channel like a freight train. He was getting close to spooling me before I turned him. Usually cudas won’t run that far but this guy definitely did not like that hook in the back of his head. It took a good 15 minutes but I finally landed him and he went to the cook pot.


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