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Here is the photo of the shark attack on that inflatable dingy. As you can see  it was not a very big shark, just a hungry or mad one. Jim was placing his dingy between the snorklers and the shark. They had a couple small fish in their bag and  the  shark wanted them. In a situation like that you just give the shark the fish and get the hell  out  of  there. He reckons it  was a reef shark. As you can see he didn’t just nip at it but rather chomped it. Imagine a hunk like that missing out  of your back side. There are a  lot  of sharks in the Bahamas. You won’t see a native doing something stupid like that, they know better.

The Big Hole is running at 3160 at Maidenrock. I believe it has  almost peaked depending how much rain we get in the next  few days. Visibility has improved some  from yesterday so it will fish, just not  very good. That could change quickly with the caddis hatching. Lots of them now at Melrose and Maidenrock.


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