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It is actually cold here today with high’s only in the 60’s and a strong north wind. Too tough for me to head out. Dennis from Washington state is here for only a week so it wasn’t stopping him from goin this morning. He came back early afternoon shaking his head saying conditions were pretty bad with the wind and clouds and cold.

Yesterday I went to Young Sound which is an ocean flat about 8 miles south. When conditions are good this place can be lots of fun with lots of bonefish. I got there just before low tide so I didn’t go into the sound as I knew if I did I would be stuck there til the tide came back in and that would be about dark thirty. I anchored the boat outside the sound which I thought was deep enough water. After wading for about a half hour I noticed the tide was getting real low so thought I’d check on the boat. It was just sitting on the bottom and I had one hell of a time dragging it to deeper water. At one point I almost gave up and just figured I would have to wait for the tide. A couple more hard tugs and she was off the sand bar into deeper water. The outer reaches of this sound is super for wade fishing at low tide. Hard pack white sand bottom makes visibility great and the wading easy. I got one big bonefish that was in almost less than ankle deep water. I wasn’t even looking that direction as I thought too shallow when I heard them splashing. Half their body’s were out of the water. I took a few pics of this area and Patricia should get them on the comments. The photo of the conch shells are of illegally taken baby conch. This area used to be loaded with conch but no more due to such activity. A few of the natives have no concept of conservation and think only of the present.


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