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Williams Is.

It was a memorable trip on the west side this time to say the least. First of all we launched the boat at the Red Bays dock at about 1:30 pm. Tide was low and strong east wind was blowing all the water out. We pushed and pulled the boat about 100 feet from the dock and then we just could not go any where. So we made ourselves comfy and waited for the tide to come up. We waited and waited and finally about 4:30 we managed to push the boat again and it was a long way to deep water. It was 5:00 before we got up on a plane and headed south to Williams Island. It’s 42 miles down to our little spot and I knew it was going to be close to get there before dark. I ran the boat a little harder than normal and we made it just before dark. We were lucky as you definitely do not want to be running in the dark in those waters.

Next morning was cloudy and windy. I waded down to the mouth of that creek just south of camp. I got a shot at a tarpon but he wanted nothing to do with that fly. The weather got worse so I went back to camp and just laid in the tent and chilled. Just after noon we went back to that spot and I saw something big and dark in the channel. At first I thought it was a big tarpon but when I waded closer it turned out to be a big ray. I watched it for a bit and was just about ready to leave when I saw something move next to the ray. The sun came out for just a sec and then I realized it was a tarpon. He was only about 30 feet away and when I presented the fly he nailed it on the first strip. The water erupted and he blew out of there almost plowing right into Linda. On the second jump he spit the fly. I really didn’t care as the most important thing was that I hooked him. It was cloudy so we spent the rest of the day just puttering along the shore looking for more tarpon. Saw lots of bones and turtles but no more tarpon. Tommy wants to know exactly where we found those tarpon. I told him it’s where that pelican was swimming at the mouth of this creek close to where there tracks of a wild pig that crossed the channel.


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