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Where’s Sid?

Upper River 25 inch bow

Big Hole River 502 cfs

Finally a pic of that 25 inch bow caught on a streamer way up river. You can see she has just spawned out and a bit on the skinny side.

Fishing today about the same as last couple days. Good in the morning and slowing down in the afternoon.

More and more tricos showing up. I heard there are swarms of them on the upper river. I’m talking East Bank, Fish Trap area. It’s too low to float up there but wade fisherman can find the best runs and riffles and have a ball.

The rocks are certainly growing in the canyon. Sid will testify to that. He was sitting in the back seat with legs hanging out and just being comfortable. I warned him a couple times to  be careful as I couldn;t help bouncing off some rocks. Well I bounced off this one pretty hard  and when Iooked back the back chair was empty. Where’s Sid. I looked upstream and there he was hunkered behind this big rock with the water rushing around both sides of him. I was gonna wait til he came floating by and snag him but he was pretty anchored behind this rock with a death grip on his rod and he was not going to move. I waded out to him, got his hand and we made it to  shore. Nothing was broken and he was fine, allthough a bit wet. He was a real trooper about the whole thing.

This is the first time in over 30 years of guiding that I lost someone out of the boat. I was flipped out of the drift boat once while trying to teach Rocky how to row. It all turned out fine. I just told him I’m glad nobody came by and saw us out in the middle of the river holding hands.


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