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Where Did They All Go?

After three weeks with people coming and going and me playing the tour guide it seems a bit different here now. I don’t have any body to holler at in the morning to get moving so we can get fishing.

The last couple days have been pretty windy so I have not been venturing very far. Today I only went as far as the house boat flat but that was enough. I usually don’t bother with that flat as it’s real close and gets a fair amount of pressure. Of course on a day like this I’m the only fanatic out in the entire inlet. I started to see fish soon after I left the boat in shallow water. These guys were real spooky as they have seen a few fisherman before. The tide was dropping so I went into deeper water close to the channel and it paid off. The fish were in about three feet of water and hard to see but with that depth and chop I could drop the fly almost on top of them and a lead eye gotcha nailed em.

The last day Clay and Jane were here we got on an ocean flat where we were literally surrounded with bone fish. It was windy and tough casting but the fish were all over the place. At one point when Clay was trying to untangle his line, I told him to just look up. The sun was at our back and the visibility was great. When he looked he was in total awe as there were two big schools about fifty feet from him and singles and pairs scattered off to the right. This was the point when I couldn’t stand it no longer and told him I gotta catch one of these guys.

Maybe I’ll take a day off from fishing tomorrow and do laundry and such things but I doubt it.


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