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Where Da Fish???

Hank and I went out by the reef yesterday bottom fishing. As always when we go out together it’s competition from the gitgo. This time I got my head handed to me in a basket big time. He had boated at least a dozen fish and I had still not even got a nibble. I told him it didn’t matter how many fish he got because I’m the one who writes the report. I finally got a couple bites and it wound up with a score of me with 3 and Hank with 20 something.

Yesterday evening I had a pleasant visit with the legendary Charlie Smith creator of the original Crazy Charlie. He is a very interesting person. He told me how years ago how some companies stole some of his patterns. In his mid 70’s he is still doing great and is yet the sole proprietor of the Bang Bang Club lodge in north bight about a 20 minute boat ride from Behring Point. He spends most of his time on the cay tying flies. He showed me a couple of his new patterns and I told him I would not reveal the details. He said it didn’t matter anyway. We parted company with him inviting me to the Bang Bang Club to just hang around and visit. I plan on doing that soon.

A couple photos, one with Hank and a trigger fish and the other of Charlie.


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