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West Side

Stupid Bonefish

West Side Flat

West Side Near Williams Island

Safely  back from  another adventure on the remote west side.

Sorry to say there are no pics of tarpon. That does not mean we didn’t find any. On this one particular flat I saw more tarpon than I have ever seen over there. We had several shots but they would just not eat. We changed flies several times, did slow strip, fast strip. At times they would be just inches from the fly and I was sure of a hookup any second, but none came. They were all pretty much laid up and they would just look at the fly and slowly swim away seeming to give us the middle fin. That’s tarpon fishinng.

The pic of the stupid bonefish was just that. We hit him right on the head  and instead of blowing out  like on the east side he just turned and ate the fly.

The exploring again was super, just not enough of it. We went up a new creek which was loaded with turtles, snapper and all  kinds of fish. Gas was getting a little low so I turned around much sooner than I would have liked. Even with three days it seems there is not enough time to do all we want there. That’s why plans already in the  makes for another excursion.

My friends Gerald and Carlton from Red Bays were again very helpful with info and taking care of the rig. In a couple weeks Gerald is opening a new conch stand up there.

I will  post more  photos from there when I load em up.

I’m sure those tarpon will be at the same area and ready to eat next time.


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