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Weed Whacker Ball

Big Hole River 334 cfs Beaverhead River 445 cfs

Last night the annual Weed Whacker Ball was held at the community center in Wise River. To some this may sound almost like a joke but to the locals it is taken very seriously. If you want to see what noxious weeks can do take a trip over to the Bitteroot Valley. The knapweek has taken completely over and has killed out most native grasses. The food was fantastic as there were two pigs on the spit, seven barons of beef and countless deserts. There was a silent as well as a live auction to raise money and live music following that. It’s then when the dancin girls came out that unfortunately I had to leave as I have to work today.

Yesterday we floated down the Dewey Canyon and the fishing was terrible. The wind was blowing up the canyon right in our face all day. Soime tricos were coming off but the wind took care of them. I had two excellent fly fisherman in the boat but it just was not happening at least in that canyon. I spose we could have tried nymphs but they elected to stay on top which was fine with me.

My old buddy, Wally is with me today. I think this is his 5th trip out here this summer. He’s great as he ties all his own fly’s, insists on tieing on his own fly’s as he doesn’t trust anyone elses knots—works for me. All I have to do is point out where to fish.


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