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Waters back

Well, I guess its time I get started. This is Art, Al’s back pushing dirt so I am up. Given the rain we have had, the river is flowing nicely and the temp is also down. The flow is just under 400 cfs. and the temp is in the low 60’s. With the rise in level the fishing has slowed some but will be very very good in the next few days so I’ll keep you posted. I guess I will have to go sample it, darn. I had clients on the Beaverhead last friday, a dad and his 12 year old daughter. The deal was to get Mariah into a couple of large fish. It was a trico challange and she couldn’t see the fly, so I did the hookups and she did the landing. Seven hookups and two landings. A 23 inch brown and a 20 inch rainbow afforded some very nice pictures for mom at home. The biggest of all was not the smile on dads face but the smile on Marishs face. These are the things that make my job a real pleasure. The rest of the story is, they dropped the level of the river while we were on it and we had a tough time floating and no fishing to speak of after morning hatch.


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