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Warm and Windy

Results when going to the darkside

Big Hole River 750 cfs—-Maidenrock

This pic is too often common place  when going to the dark side. Two nymphs, a  little weight and softball size indicator—-and this is the end result. Now all you nymph fisherman, please  don’t get up in arms—just having a little fun and I couldn’t resist posting this picture when I got it.

Very warm and windy today so the river is on the rise. I don’t think it will blow out but just have to wait and see.

Still waiting for the pics from Linda on Andros Island of that dingy a shark took a bite out of. The story I got was the guy in the dingy was trying to  protect a couple spear fisherman who had a couple small  fish they speared and the shark wanted them. They kept swimming backwards and poking their spear at the shark. The guy in the dingy saw this and could not believe it. So he put his dingy between them and the shark. I imagine the shark took the dingy as another predator trying to steal his dinner.

The moral of this story is if your out spear fishing and a shark comes along and wants your fish,  don’t be stupid, give em to him and get the hell out of there.


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