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Up And Rising

Big Hole River 4140 cfs—-Maidenrock

Tough day at the office today but with the river rising at this rate we were lucky to catch any fish at all. I will have to say the runoff has definetely started. Don’t know what the higher creeks are doing but the Wise River is rippen. What a difference a day makes. We did hit some pods of feeding fish and had it not been for the cold nw wind we would have done much better despite the rising water. When the wind would let up and it warmed up a bit the caddis would appear and the fish would be feeding. Most of the day however was with the cool wind and few bugs.

Conditions are going to be tough for awhile and that’s just the simple truth.

Lots of comments on the stream flow and who will predict the peak runoff cfs this year and when?


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