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Up And Down

Big Hole River 1650 cfs—Maidenrock

Wally and Jim got into some fairly decent dry fly fishing for a time and then the rain, snow and cold moved in. The caddis fly’s were just starting to come out in the Glen area but this weather has put a hold on them. All the rain we had in the upper valley brought the river up to almost 1800 cfs making it tough fishing. The flow is not that high but when it comes up that fast it puts the fish off.

Forecast for the next few days is for cool unsettled conditions. Fishing with nypmhs and streamers should be just fine with the visibility at 2 to 3 feet. The caddis will still be cominng as soon as it warms up a bit. So there will be some excellent dry fly fishing soon.

Along with the caddis there will be gray drakes coming out mid morning. Wally and Jim had some pretty good action with these and simply using a para adams. A few pics of their fish will be in comments.


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