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Unconditional Warranty

I have come to find out in the past years that when you purchase a rod or reel you definitely want one that comes with that unconditional warranty. A good example is from my last trip to Andros. I have been using Teton reels which we are a dealer for. Another reason I use them is that they are very moderately priced, have a great disk drag and have that full warranty. The one I have been using on the cuda rod started to give up the ghost after five years of hard use especially after that last big cuda Jim hooked into. That fish hit so hard it spun the reel and the handle almost took his thumb off. The spool popped off the reel and it was a real cluster trying to hand line in this big fish. When I got back I called the company and tried to explain what was wrong with it so they could send me the parts to fix it. They simply said to send it back to them. In less than seven days I had it back and they sent me a new reel. There was not even a charge for shipping—now that’s what I call service.

On that trip I also broke the tip on my 9wt sts Scott rod. I called them before I sent it back because they don’t make that model any more and they said they could wrap a new tip and it wouldn’t be any problem. They also said I would definitely have it back before my next trip.

These are just a couple reasons why you should buy guaranteed rods and reels and you don’t have to spend $500 or more for a good salt water reel.

Hank’s latest fishing report from Andros coming up tomorrow.


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