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Twenty Five+

Doug’s 25 incher

Al’s fat 20 incher

Big Hole  River 2590 cfs Maidenrock  Temp 53

This morning fellow outfitter Doug Pauline called me and suggested we do a short R&D trip. I didn’t have much going so I agreed.

Doug insisted he row first since it was his boat and it was bad luck if he didn’t start rowing. So I had to fish first—oh well. Right out of the gate and literally on the second cast I tie into this fat 20 inch brown trout. Some times that can be the kiss of death,  catching a big one right on the gitgo. I had bragging rights for quite awhile. Doug had been fishing for some time with no luck. Then he hit the big guy. You can see in the photo  how big he is. We put the tape on him and he was just a tad over 25 inches. Biggest fish Doug has ever caught on the Big Hole.

Conditions were good for streamers and we used several different patterns. He caught his on a Montana Fly pattern and I caught mine on one I tied.

A few caddis were coming off just as we got off the river.


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