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Trout From Korea

Big Hole River 456 cfs—-Maidenrock

Korea Marc just sent me pics of 3 different species of trout they catch over there. They should be under comments soon.

Don’t plan to float the Beaverhead tomorrow the 18th as they are planning a complete shut off of the dam to inspect the outlet structure. Winter time flows will resume starting the 19th and I have heard the flow will be substantially more than previous years.

Fishing on the Big Hole remains good with some great streamer action on these cloudy days.

Forecast for this area looks great with temps to low 60’s by mid week.

I should be getting a report from Andros Island soon as Jim and Sandy arrived there yesterday. They along with Hank are planning a trip to the remote west side and Williams Island. The extended forecast for there is for light winds out of the east which is perfect for a west side adventure. Wish I was with them but busy with moving the shop here by my house next to the river. More details on that later but the location is looking better all the time.


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