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Tricos and Ants

The trico hatch has been pretty solid for the past week or so. If you are a wade fishermen, don’t disregard the upper river. I waded there a few days ago, and the tricos looked like fog over the river. #20 Black duns, #20 purple haze cripple and #18 Trico spinners have been my favorite. At the tail end of the hatch, don’t hesitate to swing an olive or peacock soft hackle.

Moving on down the river, we still see tricos, but not as thick as elsewhere. Ants have still been effective, and rather large. There have been flying ants (#12) in the canyon, especially in the evenings. If you have wandered around in the sage along side the river, you’ve probably noticed an abundance of hoppers. It seems there are more this year than in years past. Panty Dropper Hopper, Moorish Hopper and the Flopper have been good patterns.

Lastly, we are still awaiting the full blow up of spruce moths. The forecast the week is hotter and drier, so there is a chance we could still see them.

Hoot owl is still in place from Notch Bottom to the confluence with the Beaverhead River. The rapids below Greenwood are becoming a little more difficult to navigate; take a little extra time to find your path through!


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