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Big Hole River 241 cfs—Maidenrock

The trico action is still on but the fish are getting a little more picky. Again watch for those single sippers near the banks. Those are usually the bigger trout.

The half inch of rain we had yesterday afternoon really helped conditions. Next three days are for above average temps. As for river closures, again the entire river from Dickie bridge all the way down to Notch bottom is wide open with no restrictions. However in the next few days with temps on the rise it is best to quit fishing mid to late afternoon. Best fishing remains mid morning.

After the tricos try hoppers. Before the tricos in the early morning chuck out some streamers and they have been working fairly well. On cloudy days, all day.

There is a spot near Divide where I can almost guarantee some big fish. As a matter of fact I will go so far as to offer this deal. If you don’t get a fish 18 inches or better, there will be no charge. However if you get a fish over 18 the price is double. Any takers?


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