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The Perfect Day

Days like today are like the ones you see in the magazines where there is absolutely no wind and bright sunny skies. Believe me this is not always the case. As I said in yesterdays report all the troops went with Hank this morning off the reef to do some bottom fishing. They had a great day and came back with a lot of fish. I went by myself with the skiff exploring different areas and had probably the best day bonefishing I have ever had. Mid afternoon the clouds rolled in and I couldn’t see the fish but the water was like glass. It was nearing high tide and I was on this flat where the water was a foot deep or less. All my casting was to tailing fish, wakes they made when ever they moved and nervous water. If a fish moved a hundred yards away from me I could see the wake. I was like a kid in a candy store as I looked across this flat and saw tailing fish and nervous water every where. The only problem I had was that most of the big tailing fish were in the middle of the school and I couldn’t get to them without spooking the whole bunch. I tried anyway and cast to the big boys in the middle. If you have never seen about fifty bonefish blow out in ten inches of water, trust me it’s quite a sight. I just thought to myself, well I won’t try that again, but it was fun. About two in the afternoon I finally forced myself to quit fishing for awhile and have a little lunch. I was getting a little light headed probably because I didn’t eat or drink anything all day and I know better but I was on a roll.

Dan, Nancy and Allie were with Herman up at Stanyard Creek and also reported having a great day. Tomorrow they head up to the Joulters and Jim, Sandy and I the next day.


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