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the golden day

Hi, I am Lulu, and my husband Speedo and I are from Billings, but we spend our winters here on Andros. I have done fly fishing for trout in Montana, but have never caught a bonefish. Al has been helping me learn how to spot the fish, recognize nervous water, and improve upon my casting. I had a good feeling about today. The creek was gin clear and the wind had moderated. On our first flat, we saw several tailing bonefish. And then it happened, the golden opportunity. I saw the bonefish. The wind and the sun were at my back. The fish waited for me to untangle the line that had wrapped around my leg. The cast was no more than 20′. I made the cast. The fish saw the fly, I stripped, it followed, I stripped again, then it ate the fly, I felt the set, the fish took off- YES! and then it was gone and I watched it swim away. As I sadly pulled in my line, and looked at the fly, the blasted hook had broken off. I didn’t care as I count it as my first official hookup of a bonefish. The rest of the day, we saw lots of fish and one school that had hundreds of fish in it. As we were losing our light for the day, we started for home. There was a small arc of a rainbow in the sky and two porpoises helped escort us down the creek. It didn’t matter that I didn’t catch another fish, it was a beautiful day and there is always tomorrow. Thanks for a great day, Al.


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