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That’s Not A Carp

Big Hole 652 cfs Beaverhead 524 cfs Jefferson 962 cfs

The Jefferson was slow as we knew it would be given the conditions. How ever we did manage to catch a couple 20 inch trout. Now the way we did it is another story. We anchored the boat where the river splits and I took one channel and Chuck took the other. I had a big brown hit my white wooly bugger but didn’t hook up. Chuck missed a couple smaller ones in his channel. As we met and were discussing the situation, Chuck had his fly’s hanging in the water and all of a sudden his rod bent and his reel started singing. In a few minutes we both admired a beautiful 20 inch rainbow. Like we say it’s all in the presentation. We were in this back slough looking for carp and we did find them. Chuck presented his fly to the first one and it broke him off. This was really fun, sight fishing to tailing carp. Chuck threw his fly to 3 carp which were milling around and all of a sudden from no where this big brown streaks in and nails it, another 20 inch fish. What that brown trout was doing in that back slough where the water was hot and moving at about a foot an hour I have no idea.


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