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Tarpon Tommy

Tommy and John—West Side tarpon

Just got this pic from Tommy and his trip two days ago. He said they had shots at huge tarpon but this one ain’t bad.

Erik is asking for donations so he can stay at Hank’s on Andros Island a little longer. Any one interested in helping out this poor soul can send their donation to Hank’s Place, care of poor Erik’s fishing in the sun fund.

Tables have definitely turned as Erik usually is commenting from Penn. in the snow and saying how envious he was. Well I got back to Montana and guess what? Snow and temps down to 10 next couple nights. Took me a couple days to get back due to flight delays. Going through security at a couple airports is definitely slower.

Really miss my ole buddy Amos who was killed last winter. Anybody knows of a Great Pyrenees someone wants to get rid of, let me know


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