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Queen Conch

A couple days ago Tommy  and I found tarpon up  the creek. Problem was we were looking for those big  permit and we had a crab pattern on. We were taking turns poling and it was my turn. I spotted this tarpon close to shore in very shallow water. Tommy laid the fly in front of him he came after it and put his head down and it looked like he was picking it up. Tommy did  a  little  strip thinking he ate it but he dropped it. We found another one and this time I screwed it up—-not bad but enough that he turned off.

On the first one I missed a photo  by just a second or two. After he dropped the fly he came straight at the boat and was no more than 10 feet in front of it before he spooked. I almost fell off the tower trying  to get my camera focused on it.

On my way right now to the  government  dock as the tide is falling, it’s the dark of the moon, the shrimp should be running and the tarpon  right behind them.

On the photo there seems to be a little difference whether it’s a queen conch  or king helmet. All I know is that shell is much sought after.


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