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Caught In The Act

How about this pic of me  catching Hank  teefing stuff off  the back of my truck. Do  you think his hands full? What you can’t see is he also has his mouth stuffed full of my strawberries.

I found a couple tarpon today and they were very close to here. I pulled  up on this  popular flat and they were on the  edge of it where  it drops in deeper water. Lots of sun and good conditions tomorrow so you know where  I will be.

Pretty cool yet today but found lots of bones. Didn’t catch many but found a  lot. One school had to be  close  to a hundred.

This cool front is on the way out and temps to be in  low 80’s by end of the week.

Current temp: 65  Wind NE8

Tide dropping. Should be good conditions with falling tide next couple days just after dark to  find tarpon by the government dock.


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