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Late last week our friends from Hamilton arrived for their first fishing trip to Andros. A few bottles of rum in, and we were all talking about tarpon. Al encouraged Jed Fitzpatrick (Bitterroot River Guides) and one his top guides, Chris, to hire Tommy Kee to take them to the west side. They jumped on board, and were able to get out yesterday. Conditions were near perfect, with a cloudless day and a light east wind. They put in a big day, leaving at 5:30 AM and returning at about 6:30 PM.

When they returned last night, it was all smiles. Tommy got the guys into a half dozen tarpon, and they were able to land two of them. They also caught a handful of bonefish and had shots at permit. Al has been telling us how knowledgable Tommy is about the west side, and he was spot on. I’m sure Jed and Chris are still smiling this morning!

Meanwhile, we took a little tour of the local surroundings. We spent some time exploring, and fished everywhere we thought looked fishey. We were really surprised when Craig hooked into a fish, and it came flying out of the water. Ended up seeing a few more bigger ones, and landing one other one.

Turns out our rum induced tarpon talk paid off.

Jed with tarpon

Jed and Tommy Kee with big tarpon

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 7.51.09 AM

Craig and Al with a tarpon up Fresh Creek


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