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Sun and Wind

Current temp: 80

Wind ENE16

With these windy condtions I have been catching  fish in places where they are  normally  really spooky. Yesterday I  caught two big ones in ankle deep water on shark  flat. I took several shots of  the biggest one while holding the  rod and trying not to drop the camera in the water. When I got back I checked the camera to see how  the pics came out.  Well on every one I had my finger across the lens. This one posted is the  only shot that came out. Oh well.

Forecast is for more of the same with lots of sun and lots of wind.

Tommy Kee stopped by last night and he  had been guiding on the North Bight. His  report was about the same  with windy conditions but good visibility.

These are the conditions where a strong 9wt. comes handy. Another trick to casting in the wind is to  side arm and keep the line low.


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