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Summer time fun

The summer is rolling by quickly, a little too quick for me. I have been keeping busy with various tasks; from managing the lodge, filling in at the fly shop when needed, and recently I have been teaching a lot of horseback riding lessons for locals around town. Yesterday, I had a new first: haying. Now, I have done some farm work in the hay fields, but have generally not been given a chance to drive the machinery. Well, after some persuading, my neighbor taught me how to drive his swather. I handily mowed down all 18 acres of grass in our field, and proudly drove the swather back to its parking spot up the road. As I was pulling in, my neighbor, Ron, was standing there watching me. In the gate I went, and CRASH, there went the gate, flying off the hinges. I guess I forgot how quickly those machines turn. Oh well, at least gates are easy to repair.

After my “farm” work, Craig encouraged me to do an evening run down the Beaverhead. Ben Hahn (one of our guides) helped load up the dinghy, and we had a fantastic late evening trip. I threw a pearl colored streamer the whole time, and caught some fat and healthy brown trout. The fish were aggressive, sometimes chasing all the way across the river!

A day full of adventures.

Cheers, Lia


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